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So Marvel Studios finally announced the first Disney Plus show of Marvel Semitic Universe’s first Muslim and Pakistani-American superhero character, Miss Marvel, at the Twenty-Three Expo last week.

Maybe I don’t know about Miss Marvel, so why am I here!? But, before that, let’s learn something about the real Miss Marvel behind the legendary Miss Marvel, Sanaa Amanat.

Sana Amanat is a Pakistani-American comic book editor, born June 22, 1982, in New Jersey, United States.

Sana Amanat’s parents emigrated from Pakistan to New Jersey. She also studied political science at Bernard College, New York in 2004.

For some time after college, Sana Amanat also worked in magazine publishing. Later, she also worked in an indie comic book company, where Sana’s job was digital storytelling, but the company closed down two years later.

Sana Amanat then joined Marvel Comics in 2009, where she is currently serving as Director of Content and Character Development.

In 2014, she introduced the first Pakistani-born American Muslim superhero, Miss Marvel’s solo series, in partnership with editor Stephen Wicker, writer G. Willow Wilson and artists Adrian Alfona and Jamie McKelvey, and the comic lasted several weeks in the New York Times. The comic book won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2015, and was one of Marvel’s best-selling digital items. In addition, Captain Marvell has done admirable work for Ms. Marvell in a number of roles, but we will not talk about all of them here, but only Miss Marvell.

Kamala / Kamala Khan, a young Pakistani-American girl from Marvel Universe, who lives in New Jersey, one day accidentally becomes an inhuman mutant, and now she’s just shifting (ie any part of her body or the whole body). Can also be changed to any size as needed, but it also has a healing factor, under which our Miss Marvel does not have any question of suffering from wounds.

Now you may be wondering why (her name) is Miss Marvel?

So, sir, as we all know, before we became Miss Marvel, our Kamala Khan was an ordinary young girl, a fan of Carol Denvers, and Carol Denvers used to be called Miss Marvel. But later she became Captain Marvel and that is why our Kamala Khan became Miss Marvel.

And in Marvel’s comics and animated TV shows, our Miss Kamala has also worked with Marvel‘s other Super Teams, including Marvel Khan, Captain Marvel and the Avengers.

Now, if you want to know more about Miss Marvel, Kamala Khan, read Marvel’s comics and look forward to Miss Marvel’s Disney Plus show.

Now, as you know, since Marvel Entertainments is a knee-jerk company, and they often see Bollywood actors for Pakistani characters as well, and Kamala Khan / Miss Marvel is a Pakistani-born character. At least I would like to see Pakistani artists in this series, and if you agree with me, please join me in my online petition in this regard.

Click here to sign the petition !!

do you know!?

In the world of comic superheroes, besides Kamala Khan ie Miss Marvel, there are many Muslim superheroes and one more Pakistani superhero.

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