BTS Arriving at iHeartRadio Show for a Concert in NYC

Namjoon and Jin are wonderful dancers. Waves of BTS fans pointed this out by making the Twitter hashtag #NamJinBestDancers go viral on May 21, shortly after the K-pop group’s interview with iHeartRadio went live on May 21. The host asked the crowd, “Which one of-of the guys in most likely to mess up their dance routines?” To the shock of Twitter fans, the audience members started shouting out names, and one viewer believed that people were especially calling out Jin’s name. Some BTS members laughed off the question, whereas others appeared to look uncomfortable. Finally, Jungkook ended the chaos by saying “We are perfect,” and fans worldwide were horrified that their idols were put through the awkward situation.

Guys Jin and Namjoon both worked very hard getting to where they are today and still are. Whoever yelled their names or actually any of the member’s names…I’m just disappointed. All of them are amazing dancers!!!#NamjinBestDancers,” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “The way the crowd called out Namjoon and Jin for messing up dances when Namjin literally fictional dance. Imao MOVE.”
More fans brought out video proof to prove the #NamjinBestDancers the hashtag, like this clip of Namjoon and Jin nailing their dance, moves blindfolded! “Namjoon were blindfolded however still were ready to dance on time and on a beat and that they were the last members to induce out,” the fan captioned the video. Another fan observed Jin’s past, writing, “the FACT!! that Kim seokjin!! was recruited off the road and is currently apart of the Biggest BoyBand within the world! Can’t do this while not talent. #NamjinBestDancers.”

Despite everything, i’m glad watching how they protect each other. They really have their own way to comfort the other. And seokjin’s little “im not wrong” broke my heart into pieces. You were NEVER wrong seokjinnie #NamjinBestDancers

— seokjin dance king (@sophiephany) May 22, 2019

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