DC introduced its newest superhero as Aquaman and he won our hearts by not just only his awesome looks, but also by his wonderful sense of humor. Jason Momoa fits right into the character of a superhero, who unlike other superheroes don’t fly in the air, rather rule the kingdom beneath the earth. VFX used to create the underwater kingdom is spectacular and leaves the audience in “aww”.

Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard did not let the film to be the one-man show. They emerged as a strong character and stood tall with the hero within the journey to win what’s his.

The story is simple, son of the queen of Atlantis, Atlanta (Nikol) and a normal human, a lighthouse keeper, fall in love and give birth to a son, Arthur, who is a half breed. Unknown of his legacies and the fact that he will unite the 2 worlds of land and sea, he lives a normal life. until he realizes that he can survive both on land and in the underwater environment and even control all sea life.

In another world, Arthur’s brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) is about to declare a war upon the surface. only, Arthur, our Aquaman can save both the worlds and starts his journey find the answers and his history.

Wan’s imagination is one of the most unique features of the film. The underwater visuals are spectacular and his idea of not showing women as a damsel in distress is applaudable. Aquaman’s love interest Mera (Amber) fight shoulder to shoulder with him. She is focused and disciplined and guides Aquaman in the right direction.

The film’s creative effects supervisors Charles Gibson and Kelvin McIlwain also did a good job and created some really breathtaking visuals. However, some parts seem to be a little more stretched, which could have been easily cut short, but that didn’t make it boring.

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