The fight for YouTube’s top channel turns crazy as his fan hacks 50,000 printers globally telling people to a subscriber to Pewdiepie.

A hacker has claimed responsibility for taking over 50,000 printers worldwide to print a strange message asking people to a subscriber to YouTuber PewDiePie.

The hacker, who goes by the Twitter handle, TheHackerGiraffe, has claimed responsibility for the attack in a Reddit AMA that reads, ‘I hacked 50,000 printers worldwide out of potential 800,000 for PewDiePie and security awareness.’
Here is how the entire #pewdiepie printer hack went down:

1. I was bored after playing Destiny 2 for a continous 4 hours, and decided I wanted to hack something. So I thought of any vulnerable protocols I could find on shodan


— TheHackerGiraffe (@HackerGiraffe) December 1, 2018

 The hacker reveals that he used Shodan, a repository for internet-connected devices where he found 80,000 connected printers and decided to attack 50,000 of them to raise awareness about printer security, The Verge reported. Of the attacked printers, about 15000 printers were in Bharat.

@pewdiepie I work in IT around Brighton and our Printers are being hacked….is this your propaganda?

— Georgia Barton (@georgia_bizzle) November 29, 2018

Felix Kjellberg aka “PewDiePie” is currently on the race to keep his title of being the top YouTube channel. Pewdiepie’s reign is threatened by Indian music label T-Series that comes second within the leaderboard. T-Series is coming close to PewDiePie with a difference of a little over 300,000 subscribers.

PewDiePie has been posting videos with diss tracks and challenges against T-Series stating that his reign on YouTube will continue. The fight which is still ongoing saw crazy campaigns from Pewdiepie’s fan base on posters, billboards, and even the radio.

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