Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are gearing up for a bitter trial over the custody of their kids, and Pitt believes his estranged wife is putting the children through an unnecessarily damaging experience.

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast Pitt feels Jolie is purely trying to drag him through the mud within the upcoming custody trial and is worried about the long-term effects it’ll wear their 6 children.

We’re told throughout the divorce, Pitt has been attempting to figure out a settlement, and believes there’s no reason the 2 parents can’t split custody 50/50. Jolie, however, desires sole custody of the children and has been unwavering. Our sources believe the actress is planning on using the airplane incident from 2016, wherever she accused Pitt of child abuse, as grounds for her receiving full custody.

We’re told Pitt’s legal team isn’t upset worried Jolie’s tactics because the actor was ne’er criminal charged with something, and therefore the action isn’t a criminal matter.

The “World War Z” actor thinks the move by his ex is irresponsible to their children and feels they need to be been embarrassed enough throughout their parents’ public feud. Our source points out that the children are all now older and able to read the news and listen to their friend’s discussions about their famous parents.

As we reported, Jolie has already been scolded by the judge in their case about not helping to nurture the relationship between the kids and Pitt and warned if she intervened maliciously she would be at risk of losing custody.

Jolie and Pitt have been locked in divorce negotiations for some time, and because they’re still arguing over the financial details, the custody issue is being split off and decided separately. The evaluations for the children have also started, and therefore judge will rely heavily on the finding to make a final decision on custody.

For now, the trial is set for December 4 and will likely go on for several weeks. Our sources build it clear that Pitt’s ongoing plea to Jolie has been, “Don’t do this to the kids.”

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