Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman said she married Tom Cruise, a celebrity actor for love. Due to her wedding, she has survived sexual harassment in Hollywood. once spending 11 years of a wedding with Cruise, the actress said that she had to require care of herself once divorce in 2001.

Nicole Kidman has said, “At the age of 22, I even have continually saved Tom Cruise from talking about a wedding, as a result of currently I’m in an exceedingly wedding with such a person (Keith Urban), that is very strange to me. currently talking that won’t be appropriate in a way. ‘ He any said, “I married Tom Cruise for love. however being a famous Tom actor, I got a special protection that saved me from the dark world of Hollywood.

Nicole talked about the me-to-campaign, saying, “In fact, I had time for myself with me. Since I used to be tiny at that point. however am I able to expose them by writing an article? No….’

Let Tom Cruise be the superstar of Hollywood. Best movies like Top Gun, Mission Impossible Series and more recent American American film are included in Tom Cruise’s excellent acting career. He began to count superstars with the movie Top Gun in 1983, and Tom began to count successful actor In 1996, the first movie of the Superhit Mission Impossible series came. Tom Cruise was praised for the Best acting within the film.

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